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Pretty woman is the one who fights

We are trying to change the world . . via @eco_nnect #womenempowerment #women #climatestrike #climatecrisis #womenins - 2148920624746415921

 image by Women Who Fight (@women.who.fight) with caption : "We are trying to change the world
via @eco_nnect 
#women #climatestrike #climatecrisis 
#womenins" - 2148920624746415921

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Not the world I guess

antonfranzen (@anton_franzen) Instagram Profile Photo anton_franzen

Getting ready to purchase a 2019 Dodge Cummins diesel dually. Gonna pollute the world. Deplete the ozone. Gonna use and discard plastic. All because society turned it's back to me.

Ronald Guillory (@ronnie32164) Instagram Profile Photo ronnie32164

Changing the world by preaching about something you’ve already got πŸ˜‚

 (@shawn_g_412) Instagram Profile Photo shawn_g_412

Did you use a solar panel to charge your phone so you could post this? How exactly are you. You. preventing climate change?

Ryan Harris (@_ryanharris03) Instagram Profile Photo _ryanharris03

Good luck

Lachlan (@lachie_blake001) Instagram Profile Photo lachie_blake001

Yeah legalize the R34 and 240sx

Welcome To Turbo Land (@fat.turbo) Instagram Profile Photo fat.turbo

its the thing that need to be fought for

Streaking |Pitch Invader |Run (@epicrunmoment) Instagram Profile Photo epicrunmoment

I need your help. I am small but the reason I’m promoting this account is to raise awareness like never before. Nothing has been working. I am not promoting my real or personal account I just need to gain attention for this account only. That is the goal for many years to come, hopefully. I do not need donations or money as I am not set up for that. You tell me how you can help me bring awareness. My vision is to be a helper for now it is climate change. Thank you.

 (@1world1crisis) Instagram Profile Photo 1world1crisis

Climate change isn't real

inactive (@inactive_1_2_5) Instagram Profile Photo inactive_1_2_5

Love thisπŸ’šβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

F Y I Y A β€’ Singer Songwriter (@fyiya_) Instagram Profile Photo fyiya_